Western Springs School District 101 Mission and Vision

    Engage. Inspire. Empower.

    Grow each child to his/her fullest potential to create inquisitive and reflective life-long learners.

    Reach beyond comfort zones to encourage responsible risk-taking and generate perseverance and resiliency in our children.

    Own and advocate for innovative and effective learning experiences to foster the development of positive academic, social, and emotional skills.

    Work together to create collaborative, compassionate children who enrich our community.


    Strategic Plan 2017-2018 thru 2020-2021


    Board of Education 2018-2019 Meeting Dates

  • O'Connor

    Julie O'Connor

    President 2017
    Elected April 2013
    Ex Officio Member of All Committees

  • mclawhorn Todd L. McLawhorn

    Elected April 2011
    Committees:  Building Chairperson
    Member of Finance

  • Padgett Jeanne Padgett

    Elected April 2015
    Committees:  Finance Chairperson
    Member of Building

  • Lettiere Brett Lettiere

    Elected April 2017
    Committees:  Education Chairperson
    Member of Communications and Policy & Legislative

  • Garvin Lisa Garvin

    Vice-President 2017
    Elected April 2013
    Committees:  Communications Chairperson
    Member of Education and Policy & Legislative

  • Secord Jamie Secord

    Elected April 2015
    Committees:  Policy & Legislative Chairperson
    Member of Communications

  • Sendaybiego Caitlin Sendaydiego

    Elected April 2017
    Committees:  Education, Building, and Finance
    Western Springs Foundation for Educational Excellence (WSFEE) Liason