• Welcome to Field Park School!


    To begin the registration process, please click here for the Kindergarten packet and here for the Grades 1-5 packet.

    Complete all necessary paperwork and return via email, US mail, or in person to:


    Field Park School

    Field Park Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Cindy Blum

    4335 Howard Avenue

    Western Springs, IL 60558



    Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Cindy Blum at cblum@d101.org.

  • Open Enrollment for residents of District 101

    The District will consider requests for flexible enrollment for all schools provided that:

    1. First option to attend a school is given to neighborhood attendance area residents.
    2. Enrollment of pupils from outside the neighborhood attendance area does not result in class size deemed by the Superintendent in the exercise of his or her discretion to be excessive for that grade level.
    3. The enrollment is for an entire school year or, if granted during a school year, for the remainder of that school year.
    4. The family shall arrange for and bear the cost of transportation.
    5. Application is made in writing to the receiving principal.
    6. The decision to grant or deny the application shall be made by the Superintendent on an annual basis.
    7. The decision to approve the open enrollment request for one child does not guarantee approval for a sibling.
    8. If a parent(s) chooses to enroll a student at a District school outside the neighborhood attendance area to accommodate District needs, space may be guaranteed for the student at that school for future years.


    If you should have any questions regarding any of the above, or about Western Springs in general, please do not hesitate to call us at 708-246-7675 or email Cindy Blum - cblum@d101.org