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The Power of Moments

Quiet Revolution asks the authors “What made you want to write The Power of Moments?”

We found ourselves obsessed with defining moments—the moments that bring meaning to our lives, the moments we remember when we look back. Those moments could range from a wedding to an amazing vacation experience to a day at school when a teacher remarked on a talent you didn’t know you had.

In the book, we talk about how we have the power to CREATE these moments.

Our research suggests that people’s positive defining moments have a lot in common, and if we understand the elements they’re made of, we can make more of them. It’s like this power we all have that we’re not using right now. And when people do use it, great things happen: Businesses have more loyal customers and employees, families make more lasting memories, and teachers create lessons that students remember for years. That’s why these moments are worth investing in—they make our lives richer.

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Chip Heath is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaching courses on strategy and organizations. He has helped more than 450 startups hone their business strategy and messages. He lives in Los Gatos, California.

Dan Heath is a senior fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports entrepreneurs fighting for social good. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.