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Board of Education Candidate Forum
Ms. O’Connor noted that the Meet the Candidate event, a forum to hear from the four community members who are running for the three vacant Board of Education seats, will be held at McClure on Thursday, March 14. This forum will begin at 7:00 pm and is being organized by the independent Board Election Committee.

McClure Assistant Principal/Principal Designee Update
Dr. Barnhart reported that, to date, we have received fifty-six applications for the McClure Assistant Principal/Principal Designee position. Ms. O’Connor reported that the District’s process is to conduct candidate interviews with parent, staff, and administrative interview committees who will provide feedback to the Board. New for this process will be the addition of a student interview committee who will also provide feedback for the Board’s consideration.

Revised Calendar Due to Winter Weather Days
Dr. Barnhart recommended that the two needed make-up days, due to weather day cancellations earlier this winter, be added to the end of the current tentative calendar. This would move D101’s final day of school from Tuesday, June 4 to Thursday, June 6. The final day of school would continue to be a one-hour school day. Following some discussion, the Board concurred, and determined that action to approve this plan would occur at our March 18 meeting; however, planning communication to parents and staff would commence immediately.

National Board Cohort
Dr. Coffey reported to the Board that fifteen D101 staff members have elected to take part in the District’s second in-house National Board (NB) cohort. The District’s initial in-house National Board Certification cohort concluded in December 2018 with eleven staff members successfully attaining Certification. The second NB cohort will officially begin its work together in September.

Continued Discussion on the Township Treasurer’s Office
The Board discussed sending a letter to House Leader Durkin to again emphasize the importance of re-introducing legislation to provide D101 and the other Lyons Township districts autonomy  in deciding whether or not to remain a member of the Lyons Township Treasurer’s Office (LTTO).

Succession Planning Discussions
The Board initiated their annual leadership succession planning with discussions related to the succession planning associated with the District’s Superintendent position. Additional conversations and contractual discussions will continue through the March Board meeting.