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MAP Talking Points for Parents

(This information was shared in principal updates earlier this month)

MAP Timing Guidelines and Key Conversations

All children in grades 3-8 will once again take the MAP assessment in reading, math and science (6-8 only). Consistent with ongoing efforts to help students understand the purpose of these tests and reduce anxiety toward standardized assessment, we will be implementing timing guidelines and key conversations in the new year.

Teachers will overview the following information with students prior to testing:

 Talk about purpose.
Students put effort into something they understand.

Talk about the questions.
Our students are used to knowing the answers,
but this isn’t that kind of test.

Talk about growth and learning.
Every student can grow and has room to grow.

Talk about what to expect.
Students feel better when they know the expectations.


For more details under each of these talking points and new MAP testing guidelines, click here


Coffee with Dr Sarah Coffey will be held
Friday, 1/24/2020 
9 - 10 am at Field Park