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What is Standards-Based Reporting (SBR)?

As communicated last school year, District 101 will begin using standards-based reporting for grades K - 5. The following is a recap of the information previously shared by building principals.  

To learn more about SBR, visit with Dr. Sarah Coffey, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, at in-person "coffee talks" on September 27, October 11 or October 25.

What is Standards-Based Reporting?
Standards-based reporting (SBR) is an innovation in education that focuses on learning, cultivates student ownership, and helps increase achievement. Combined with updated instructional practices and a focus on classroom culture, SBR better engages students and fosters a positive environment. 

WHY Standards-Based Reporting?
SBR allows us to focus feedback on a student’s level of understanding in relation to mastery separately from other factors, such as behavior, producing more authentic information about a student’s learning progress. SBR also provides a focus for the work of students, teachers and parents by providing a clear description of what students should know and be able to do and a vivid image of what high quality looks like. In a nutshell, this helps us:

  • Focus the discussion around learning rather than task completion

  • Provide multiple attempts to prove mastery (i.e kids grow taller at different rates, and they learn at different rates too)

  • Build efficacy in our students (student ownership!)